Get to know the new adCore

September 2, 2013 in Uncategorized

It's all about the crowd.
It’s all about the crowd.¬†

  • World’s first crowd-wisdom SEM tool.
  • Share your best practices and benefit from others’.
  • Utilize the wisdom of all adCore users or your agency collective wisdom.
¬†It’s customizable.¬†

  • Create personal rules to automate your SEM optimization.
  • Code your SEM best practices into the system.
  • Customize your reports.
It's customizable.
It's limitless.
It’s limitless.¬†

  • Unlimited possibilities for optimizing your campaigns.
  • Unlimited clients and campaigns for a fixed monthly price.
  • Unlimited keywords, ad groups, and ad text copy.
¬†It’s for everyone.¬†

  • Whether you need complete automation or complete control, adCore is right for you.
  • From 1-click automation to customizable rule encoding, adCore has it all.
  • Pricing to suit every need.
It's for everyone.
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